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    Aug. 07, 2022: Our artificial cell paper "Chemical-triggered artificial cell based on metal-organic framework" is online now on Chemical Engineering Journal. Congrats, Junzhu, Cheng-Yen and co-authors!
    Apr. 10, 2022: Our paper "Engineering pollen-derived microstructures to reveal material morpho-performance paradigm" is online now on Small. Congrats, Dong and co-authors!
    Mar. 23, 2022: Our cell-free paper "A temperature-controlled cell-free expression system by dynamic repressor" is online now on ACS Synthetic Biology. Congrats, Junzhu & Chen!
    Mar. 21, 2022: Our News&Views article "Textile-embedded cell-free biosensors" has been published on Nature Biomedical Engineering.
    Mar. 02, 2022: Our microrobotics paper "Soft magnetic microrobot doped with porous silica for stability-enhanced multimodal locomotion in a nonideal environment" has been published on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congrats, Shangsong, Dong & Yuping!
    Feb. 01, 2022: Our microrobotics paper "Untethered microrobots for active drug delivery: from rational design to clinical settings" has been published on Advanced Healthcare Materials. Congrats, Dong & Ting!
    Feb. 01, 2022: Happy Chinese New Year!


    Nov. 30, 2021: Our circular RNA paper "Circular RNA: Biosynthesis in vitro" has been published on Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Congrats, Xinjie!
    Nov. 30, 2021: Our artificial cell paper "Modularize and unite: Toward creating a functional artificial cell" has been published on Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences. Congrats, Chen & Junzhu!
    Aug. 01, 2021: Our paper "Development and comparison of cell-free protein synthesis systems derived from typical bacterial chassis" has been highlighted as a August Featured Article on Bioresources and Bioprocessing. Congrats, Liyuan, Xiaomei & Ting!
    Jul. 23, 2021: Our paper "3D magnetic field-controlled synthesis, collective motion, and bioreaction enhancement of multifunctional peasecod-like nanochains" has been published on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congrats, Dong & Shangsong!
    Feb. 12, 2021: Happy Chinese New Year!


    Nov. 25, 2020: Our paper "A sustainable and efficient artificial microgel system: Toward creating a configurable synthetic cell" has been published on Small. Congrats, Chen, Yuhao & Qi!
    Nov. 20, 2020: Our paper "Compartmentalizing Cell-Free Systems: Toward Creating Life-Like Artificial Cells and Beyond" has been selected as a Front Cover Article of ACS Synthetic Biology. Congrats, Eunhee!
    Aug. 21, 2020: Our paper "Bringing light into cell-free expression" has been selected as a Cover Article of ACS Synthetic Biology. Congrats, Peng, Junzhu & Eunhee!
    Aug. 05, 2020: Welcome back, everyone, after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak!
    Aug. 01, 2020: Our paper "Advances in cell-free biosensors: Principle, mechanism, and applications" has been selected as a Front Cover Article of Biotechnology Journal. Congrats, Liyuan!
    Jun. 14, 2020: Our paper "Creating a locally crowded environment with nanoclay hydrogels for cell-free biosynthesis" has been selected as a Cover Article of Soft Matter. Congrats, Xinjie & Qi!
    Feb. 01, 2020: Our paper "Flexible on-demand cell-free protein synthesis platform based on a tube-in-tube reactor" has been selected as a Front Cover Article of Reaction Chemistry & Engineering. Congrats, Xiaomei!
    Jan. 25, 2020: Happy Chinese New Year!


    Jul 02, 2019: Our book "Cell-Free Synthetic Biology" is published now.
    May 02, 2019: An interview article from SynBioBeta is online now: Biology Unlocked: Emerging Applications of Cell-Free Systems. Please enjoy it!
    Feb. 05, 2019: Happy Chinese New Year!


    Nov. 06, 2018: Welcome Eunhee Cho from Imperial College London joining us!
    Nov. 01, 2018: Chen Wang and Xin Pu have started their graduation thesis training. Welcome!
    Jul. 06, 2018: Dong Liu won the Tsinghua Outstanding Thesis Award. Congrats!
    Jun. 04, 2018: Our research MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) has been changed to "Crafting the Ultimate Artificial Life for Human Benefit".
    May 09, 2018: Our paper "Virus-like particle engineering: From rational design to versatile applications" has been selected as a Front Cover Article of Biotechnology Journal.
    May 09, 2018: Our co-author paper "Nutritional and medicinal characteristics of Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) for applications in healthcare industry by artificial cultivation: A review" has been selected as a Front Cover Article of Food Science and Human Wellness.
    Mar. 19, 2018: "Cell-free Synthetic Biology Database" website founded by us is online now.
    Feb. 16, 2018: Happy Chinese New Year!
    Jan. 08, 2018: Dong Liu and Zhou Cao have started their graduation thesis training. Welcome and good luck!
    Jan. 01, 2018: Happy New Year!


    Oct. 14, 2017: Prof. Lu won the HOU Debang Chemical Science and Technology Youth Award.
    Aug. 21, 2017: Shengnan Ma and Qi Sun have joined the group! Welcome!
    Jul. 04, 2017: Welcome international visiting graduate students: Damian Paterno from The University of Melbourne and George Booth from Imperial College London!
    Jul. 03, 2017: Cheng Zhang and Xiaomei Lin both won the Outstanding Thesis Award. Congrats! Wish you have a wonderful future!
    Jun. 21, 2017: Our two co-author papers about the applications of heparins on the treatment of inflammatory disorders, pulmonary injury and fibrosis have been published on Carbohydrate Polymers.
    May 11, 2017: Prof. Lu won the Best Presentation Award in the Biochemical Engineering Young Scholar Forum, Xuzhou, China.
    May 05, 2017: Peng Zhang has joined the group! Welcome!
    Apr. 20, 2017: Prof. Lu has been selected as the Guest Editor for the "Cell-free Synthetic Biology" Special Issue of the Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology journal. Please click here for details.
    Apr. 06, 2017: Dong Liu, Yuhao Li, Zhongbo Li, Jianning Liu and Haoran Yang have joined the group for Student Research Training! Welcome!
    Mar. 04, 2017: Our invited Review paper "Cell-free synthetic biology: Engineering in an open world" is online now!
    Jan. 28, 2017: Happy Chinese New Year!


    Nov. 20, 2016: Xuanwei Ding, Xiaomei Lin, Cheng Zhang and Yunze Sun have joined the group! Welcome!
    Oct. 23, 2016: Prof. Lu won a Young Scholar Award at ICMS 2016, Shanghai, China. Congratulations!
    Sep. 01, 2016: The Lu lab has officially opened its doors for business.